Wednesday, August 18, 2010

~ I'm Only Human ~

I'm Only Human .......

Like a bird,
without wings I fall

Like a boat,
without sails I drift

Like a clock,
without time I wait

Like a fish,
without water I struggle

~ * ~

Oh Allah...

let me not walk away from this only with hunger and thirst.
Nor with tiredness and lack of sleep.

Oh Allah ....

grant our dua and grant us steadfastness in our amal.
Seeking nothing but Your Redha.

Oh Allah.....

let us not forget the lesson we have learnt.
Let this Tarbiyah strengthen us through.

~ Don't Cry Anymore ~

Don't Cry Anymore .....

Lift your head,
don’t cry anymore
Let God in, your heart he’ll restore.
Say a prayer
Let peace of mind come to you again.

Calm your vengeance, let pain subside
Throw your worries into the tide.

Give yourself, let Him control.
This world is nothing, all will fade
Your hope in Him, do not trade.

He is our Maker, the key to life
Trust in him,
There’ll be no strife.

Give yourself unto the Lord,
Eternal happiness will be your reward
In the end when all is dead
Those who serve with Him they’ll tread.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

~ Heart ~

Heart ..........

Many times
I had given absolute power to the heart
believing in its strength to lead

Wrong, I was,
again and again

The heart was too weak
when encountered love
It submitted too much,
too soon
No critical pause,
no analysis.
Too inexperienced,
too inefficient

I must seize its power
and declare democracy.