Friday, May 27, 2011

~ In The Stillness Of The Night ~


In The Stillness Of The Night ..........

In the stillness of the night
as the candle light flickers
the faint sound of music playing in the background
my heart is lonely

Longing for the echoes of love
that haunts my thoughts
the peace inside me
wants to be shared
to feel………
to touch………

A desire to tap inside
the realm of a profoundly
tender affection to embrace passion
into the depths of my soul
to capture a distinct entity
of another separate
from the body
to exist in time
not of this world…

in the stillness of the night
how my heart does yearn

Thursday, May 26, 2011

~ Times in Life ~

Times in Life ..........

There are times in life
When you feel as if the earth
Has opened up
And swallowed you whole . . .
And you seriously doubt
If you'll ever stop hurting.
And it's then that you need
To realize you can't
“Make everything all right.”

All you can do is survive,
One hour at a time,
Then one day at a time.
But you are not alone.
There are many who care about you
And are ready to lend you their strength
When yours is all gone.

So hang on, because the sun
Will rise again . . .
And though you'll
Never forget,
You will survive this
And go on.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

~ Forgive my fear ~

Forgive my fear .......

I walk on space,
On air so thin
I fear to fall.

Dear God forgive me
For my fear to love
For being so small
In a world so big
Forgive me for not wanting pain
For seeing it first before joy

I know I shouldn’t look first,
At how easily I bruise
Or harden my shell to outside touch,
Or hide within my self,
Or stare with dead eyes

Forgive my fear
Of reaching out over empty spaces,
For taking all the love you give
And giving nothing in turn

When next I shy, nudge me to try
When next I sigh, nudge me to smile
When next love needs, steady my feet
That I may be here,
To brave my fear.

Friday, May 20, 2011

~ Wildflowers ~

Wildflowers ........

Lord, help me to grow as the wildflowers grow
be it a meadow or a crack in cement.
Despite the terrain, be it good or bad,
let me know I am there by intent.

Instead of my sadly complaining within
regarding life's rough terrain,
May my face, too, look upward to you
through seasons of drought and rain.

Help me to bloom as the wildflowers bloom,
regardless of where I am placed;
wherever the spot You plant me, Lord,
let the air there be sweet with Your grace.

Someday a tired pilgrim may stop to rest
from carrying his heavy load
And thank my Creator for placing me there
to brighten that spot in life's road.

Monday, May 9, 2011

~ The Silent Lover ~

Infinite bondage strong & stable…
A binding of ‘love which calls silence for the world..

A feeling so deep with passion and wild dreams and fascination
Combined with love, closeness, oneness at heart, laughter and tears…

Sharing pain, pleasure and fire, mild love fights, nagging everything in
One fold….

My silent lover , man of my dreams…
Your smiles can live up many lives

The sparkle in your eyes can lit the moon in the night

And your looks can blossom many flowers..
You brought smile on my dead lips..

And a new meaning in my life and name
I was destined to meet you …

Memories I shall cherish and make my future and smile on…
Dreams have no boundaries….

I shall keep seeing you
even while I close my eyes forever…

Sunday, May 8, 2011

~ Unheard Screams ~

Unheard Screams ........

Pain ripping every nerve
Willing your breath away
Opening your eyes again
Agony's here to stay

How do you escape
Life full of darkness
Every waking moment
Misery and sadness

Sleep the only comfort

Yet so hard to find
Dreams bring some peace

To a tortured souls mind

But dreams never last

Reality must emerge
Waking once again
Your screams never heard

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

~ Take My Hands ~

Take My Hands ..........

Needing to feel something
More than just pain
Smiles, joy and laughter
Warmth and love again

Tired of sitting alone
Crying so many tears
Breaking apart inside
Been like this for years

Wanting to scream
Breaking the silence
Hear more than myself
Feeling loves brilliance

Life has become so hard
Pushing through each day
Trying too see some light
Darkness blocks the way

Please come take my hands
It's been way too long
Looking for a way out
Only one place I belong

to be
in someone's heart