Monday, March 21, 2011

~ Sometimes ~

Sometimes ....

Sometimes we feel alone in the world
losing loved ones
enduring a hardship
experiencing an illness
roadblocks in our normally smooth lives

But God and nature surround us
easing our burdens
and healing our hearts

Time and patience become our friends
they hold our hands
and quietly begin to fill our hearts
with love and joy once again

Sunday, March 20, 2011

~ I Like To Think of You .~

I Like To Think of You ...

I like to hold a thought of you close to me…
In a special place where I can pull it out
To bring a touch of cheer to my day

I like to think about all the things

we have been through

I like to think of you…
Even though ...
You are not mine

Because you’re one of those people

Who really helps to make my world

A richer and a happier place

The years will come and go

And I know things will change

But the memories I have of you

In my heart will always remain

Monday, March 7, 2011

~ Silent Connection ~

Silent Connection .........

No communication
Total silence,
an endless abyss.

It hurts my ears,
it hurts my eyes,
it hurts my heart
I yearn to hear,
to know,
to feel.

Where are you?
Where have you gone?
What are you doing,

There is such a void where
the words used to live
Only loneliness.

The words have gone,
but the connection still lives.

You're in
my thoughts,
my dreams,
my heart,
my soul.

We may be silent
but forever connected.

Friday, March 4, 2011

~ The Oceans Shore ~

The Oceans Shore ........

As I walk along the oceans shore...
The feeling of peace, longing for more...
As I sit upon soft wet sand...
The gentle waves, touch my hand...
This Aura of wonder and tranquility...

Stretching as far as my eyes can see...
Watching the reflections move with the flow.
Feeling the comfort, of its inner glow...

Oh how I wish, this feeling would stay...
As I know I must walk away...
Wish I could leave all the hurt, pain and tears...
Behind me along, with all my fears...

Wouldn't it be nice,
if we could leave on that shore...
Feelings that keep in our hearts, ever more...
If I wrote them in the sand,
would they be swept away?

By the waves crashing in,
Gone on their way...
Leaving us free,

The ocean will handle them,
then we won't care...

The ocean can be such a beautiful place...
As our minds wonder in and out of space.

I know....
We reap whatever we did sow...

I will keep looking, forever more...
But not what I wrote,

on that OCEANS SHORE.....