Thursday, August 30, 2012

~ Failure ~

It’s only a word.
But it carries with it so much pain
and so little concern
so much frustration
and so little respect,
so much stress and so little
that people spend their lives
running through their days
in the hope of avoiding the long arm
of this little word.

To test our vision, you must risk
To temper your ego, you must attempt
the impossible.
To tell your story, you must
take a chance.
To see beyond the horizon, you must
spread your wings.
To be all you can be, you must
stretch, flex, try, and go beyond
your proven limits.

To bridge the silence, you must risk
To advance into the unknown, you must
risk the peril of all your
previous beliefs and emotions
that feel so secure.

Failure is not negative. It is a teacher.
It molds, refines, and polishes you
so that one day your light will
shine for all to see.

It isn’t the failure you experience
that will determine your destiny,
but your next step and then the next
that will tell
the story of your life.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

~ Jigsaw Puzzle ~

It seems that Life
Could be compared to a giant jigsaw puzzle
With each person like each piece
Having a place where they fit perfectly
Yet so many in there need to belong
Grab the first place they come to
Then try to make it fit

And because of this
They are never quite in harmony
With their adjoining pieces
Thus they never get to know
The way it was truly
Meant to be

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

~ For Once ~

Run your fingers through my soul
For once
Just once
Feel exactly what I feel
Believe what I believe
Perceive as I perceive
and for once
Just once

Sunday, August 5, 2012

~ The Root of Arguments ~

What exactly is an argument?

How does an argument begin?
I know for sure it takes two people
For a conversation to have a disagreeable end.
It’s all about two individuals’ emotions
And their different opinions, it seems
One believes one thing, the other another,
Debating angry words in irritated steam.
It’s also about an individual’s perception
How one person interprets what another says
If a sensitive button is unintentionally pushed
Temperaments can flare up for many days.
Some people are more sensitive than others
Their worlds revolving around the egotistic “I”
They are prepared to debate every opinion
Until the peace-maker lets the conversation die.
Can we keep opinions out of conversation? Should we?
Or is it a personal way of expressing who we are?
We know that trying to change another’s opinion
Will create another chaos.
People’s knowledge is nurtured with opinions they form
Which changes with increasing knowledge gained each day
Opinions are peoples’ base for scientific hypotheses

Conducting mental experiments to process change
Forming opinions daily equal to individual knowledge
Learning and growing and revising old opinions in exchange.
If you choose to debate another’s opinion
You not only debate the thought, but also their plane of intelligence
And you might as well be telling them outright
Their mental capacity is sadly dense.

Could it be they are smarter than you
And you haven’t caught up with them yet?
Or, if you are smarter than they are
Then they haven’t caught up with you yet?
Neither! No one is ever on an equal mental plane
With another human being’s opinions
Since opinions furnish a map or framework
Of how far one has come in their mental pursuits.
Individual thinking, beliefs, and formed perceptions
Are what makes each of us different and unique.
“I think”, one of the most common terms we know,
Spells out who we are and all that we seek.
So, when you find yourself disagreeing with anyone
You’re never going to win an argument then
By disrespecting the other person’s right
To share who they are through their opinion.