Monday, May 25, 2009

" Fear.................."


Fear drives the world.
Fear of doing, fear of not doing.
Fearful to live, fearful to die.

Fear believes in not enough, fear believes in too much.
Fear feeds the flame of going too far.
Fear feeds off the need of not going far enough.

Fear cannot look into its own eyes.
Fear cannot see itself in the mirror.
Fear is blind to itself.

Fear serves the furrowed brow.
Serves the drive that is anger.
Serves the anger that is fear.

Fear drives the need to love.
Fear to drives the need for power.
Fear needs hatred.

Fear prowls the street looking for followers.
Fear derives its courage from others.
Derives its strength from the many.

Fear draws in the hopeless.
Draws in the directionless.
Fear attracts itself.

Fear is enraged by courage.
Fear loses its power in the face of fear.
Fear has no power in the face of strength.

Courage builds from the strength of light.
The strength of hope.
The strength of resolve.

Courage and Fear merge.
Fear and Courage derive strength from one another.
Courage and Fear are, man.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

" Forever.................."


Years had passed
I haven't talked with you since then
You're already out of my sight
and here I am still struggling for life.

I am missing you
and always do
the messages,
the voice,
the care,
the love,
Where else could I find them
but only in you.

Memories about you are all I have
They make me cry
yearn for you
all the time
of my waking life

Even in sleep
I dreamed about you.

Sometimes ........
I wish that
I should not have been

what I was when we were still together
For I want that our love is forever
It could have been,
that's all I could sigh for

Sometimes ...........
I wish that
you could feel
the beatings of my heart
and you could hear
what I think
even if you don't hear me
You could dry the tears in my eyes
even though you don't see me.

Life's indeed too short for us to love eternally
I do believe in forever

That was what I hold on to


Friday, May 22, 2009

" It's Your Life.................."

It's Your Life ...............

Life is like a song,
So sing it loud and clear
As we move along
What's important, we keep near

Each turn we take is another chance
And opens up another door
It's up to us if we get up and dance
Or choose to sit on the floor

As we grow older
We start to see
The world is on our shoulder
And reality is telling us
we are not who we want to be

Each day becomes an effort
And we begin sleeping through our lives
There is so much pain and hurt
Everyone stabbing each other with knives

All others become a bad influence
Your life is now at stake
The key to true repentance
Is what we choose to take

You see, life is what we make it
Nothing more and nothing less
Trust is strong but once you break it
Everything becomes a mess

But what good does it do for us to cry
What good does it do to whine
Everybody lives and everybody has to die
We all go through pain and have a set amount of time

All that we can do, is look to the future with hope
That someday things will all make sense
As time goes on, we will find ways to cope
And the pain will no longer seem so intense

We'll put on a smile, sing life's song with love
Hang around for a while
And seek God's grace from up above

Do your best to make sense
Of everything you're given
If nothing works out
Hold your head up high, keep living

There will be times when pain is all we feel
The clouds are all we can see
It will seem to be too much for us to deal
But in the end, God will set us free

Open up your mind
And just live for today
Each of us, our paths will wind
As we search and find our way

Near the end of our life
As we walk through our last days
We'll back look at the things
That helped light our way

We'll see all the mistakes we made
And the people who were there
The things that may have caused our smiles to fade
And the smell of the cool, fresh air

You'll think about the people you'll never know by name
And all of the joy you felt
When someone kept you from going insane
And helped you to live with the hand you've been dealt

You'll remember the sun that always came out
After the passing of the rain
It wouldn't allow you to doubt
That the joy was worth the pain

Saturday, May 16, 2009

" Where There Is Love....................."

Where There Is Love ...............

Where there is love
the heart is light
where there is love
the day is bright
Where there is love
there is laughter
as that of children’s
in the joy of being together
Where there is love
there is a song
to right things that
have gone wrong
Where there is love
there’s always a smile
to get you through a day
which makes all things worthwhile
Where there is love
there is a quiet peace
a tranquil place
where turmoils cease
Where there is love
the heart take wingless flight
love changes the darkness
into the brightest light
Where there is love
friendship grows
a forever unity
of two loving souls

Friday, May 15, 2009

" The Size of Your Heart................"

The size of your heart........

It isn't the size of your house
as such
That matters so much at all.

It's the gentle hand
and its loving touch,

That make it great or small.

The friends who come and the hour they
Who out of your house depart,
Will judge it not by the style you show,

But rather by the size of your heart.

It isn't the size of your head so much,
It isn't the wealth you found.
That will make you happy --
it's how you touch

The lives that are all around.

For making money is not hard --
To live life well is an art
How people love you,
how they regard,

Is all in the size of your heart.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

" Let Go and Let Allah....................."

Let Go and Let Allah...........

When the clouds seem their darkest
And the daylight won’t come;

When you’re up to your ears and drowning
And can’t find a straw to hang on.

When your load gets too heavy,
or your shoes get too tight;

When you’re faced with life’s battles
and have no will to fight;

Let go and let Allah

He is the way.

You just trust in Allah's mercy
every night and every day;

All thru the darkness

All thru the storm

There’s a Light there to guide you.
And to Allah to lean on.

" Love is like a flower............."

Love is Like a Flower............

Love is like a flower
with proper nurturing it blooms
and flourishes as each day passes.

if it is neglected,
in a moment's time
it soon withers and dies.

To hold love,
you must treat it as a rare and tender flower,
nurturing it with the utmost patience and care.

To keep it vibrant and alive
it takes many long hours of
continuous effort and constant attention.

To lose it
takes only a moment
of forgetfulness,
disinterest and mistrust.

To sow the seeds of love
is as wonderful as sowing
the seeds of magnificent garden,
and watching them flourish
and grow is a marvel in itself.

To sow the seeds of love
only to watch them wither and choke,
like a garden that's become full of weeds,
is a crime of the heart that none should commit.

Love can last an eternity,
like the gardens of a forbidden tropical paradise,
yet, in an instant,
it can be destroyed
by a hurricane of hate,
in a sea of bitterness
and despair.

Monday, May 11, 2009

" Time Passes..............."

Remember, today will be tomorrow a yesterday, one day more against one day less, time to open the book and start writing that epilogue that we all have left to do "after" like there will be another tomorrow and other after that to do it.
But remember, life is fragile, you have it now and in the next instant you don't.

~ oOo ~

Time passes........

Time passes .........
in front of my window
with slow steps,
like it wanted to show me
which in my life, unmercifully,
the hours that are running out
will leave back a solitude
with murmurs of dementia.

Time passes ..........
like a traveler coming back
with slow steps,
wishing to say as he goes
that he used, of his life,
every moment trying to leave
in the subconscious of strangers
a reflection of his face,
whilst I, by my window,
wait for something that's just a dream.

Time passes .........
and I became old
with slow steps,
no wishing to know tomorrow because
I was busy with an empty yesterday
which couldn't be filled with hopes,
and, when looking in my own mirror...
the wrinkles on my face,
which time had carved in,
were mocking, of an unknown city
the map of its streets,
without people and abandoned by dreams.

Time passes ...........
and one start to feel the years weight,
a solitary sadness is knocking at the gates.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

" The Enemy......................"

The enemy...........

The enemy

We think
it is hate;
it is fear!

Don't move
the way fear makes you move.
the way love makes you move.
the way joy makes you move.

Fear knocked at the door
Faith answered
No one was there.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

" Who..................."


You are now at a crossroads
This is your opportunity
to make the most important decision
you will ever make.

Forget your past
Who are you now?

Who have you decided
you really are now?
Don't think about who you have been.

Who are you now?

Who have you decided to become?

Make this decision consciously.

Make it carefully.
Make it powerfully.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

" Awake.............."


The past does not equal the future.
you may have failed
a moment ago,
all day today,
or for the last six months,
or for the last sixteen years,
or for the last fifty years of your life
doesn't mean anything.

All that matters is
what are you going to do now?

Monday, May 4, 2009

" Without Wondering................."

Without wondering..........

People travel to wonder
at the height of the mountains,
at the huge waves of the seas,
at the long course of the rivers,
at the vast compass of the ocean,
at the circular motion of the stars,
and yet they pass by themselves
........ without wondering.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

" I Will................"

I will...........

I will not die an unlived life.
I will not live in fear of falling
or catching fire.

I choose to inhabit my days,
to allow my living to open me,
to make me less afraid,
more accessible,
to loosen my heart
until it becomes
a wing,
a torch,
a promise.

I choose to risk my significance;
to live
so that which comes to me
as seed as to blossom
as blossom goes on as fruit.