Monday, May 25, 2009

" Fear.................."


Fear drives the world.
Fear of doing, fear of not doing.
Fearful to live, fearful to die.

Fear believes in not enough, fear believes in too much.
Fear feeds the flame of going too far.
Fear feeds off the need of not going far enough.

Fear cannot look into its own eyes.
Fear cannot see itself in the mirror.
Fear is blind to itself.

Fear serves the furrowed brow.
Serves the drive that is anger.
Serves the anger that is fear.

Fear drives the need to love.
Fear to drives the need for power.
Fear needs hatred.

Fear prowls the street looking for followers.
Fear derives its courage from others.
Derives its strength from the many.

Fear draws in the hopeless.
Draws in the directionless.
Fear attracts itself.

Fear is enraged by courage.
Fear loses its power in the face of fear.
Fear has no power in the face of strength.

Courage builds from the strength of light.
The strength of hope.
The strength of resolve.

Courage and Fear merge.
Fear and Courage derive strength from one another.
Courage and Fear are, man.

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