Thursday, September 23, 2010

~ Move On ~

If you are unhappy, be unhappy.
Do not judge yourself for being that way.

It is wonderful to be unhappy.
Love your unhappiness.
It means you are ready for change.

You are ready to go forward,
yet you mourn for the old;
you are not ready to let go.

Allow the unhappiness,
there is purposefulness in it.
Remove from your life everything that inhibits you
from being the totality of yourself.
That is called "becoming"

Remove from your thoughts all the have to's, should's, must's.
Remove the images you think you must be and just be.

Embrace your life.
Know that you created it.
Love all that you have been, said and done.
Know it was all purposeful.

Never see anything as a failure.
See everything as an accomplishment.
Love the hurt, the pain, the sorrow.
For what an experience!
What a wonderment!
What jewels of wisdom are now in your treasure!

Be your own teacher, friend, counsel.
Confide in yourself, speak to yourself.

Seek answers that feel right within your soul.
Your soul knows what the truth is,
and it will tell you through feelings.
Always listen to your feelings.
They know ... they know.

Live, experience, feel.
Do not seek to identify yourself.
You will never have a point of understanding
from which you can say,
"This is who I am!",
for in each expanding moment
of consciousness,
who you are will have changed
into the next moment of being.
To know who you are
is to feel what you feel each moment.

Never do anything,
no matter how far you are into it,
if you lose the joy of it
and it becomes monotonous and mundane.
Do away with it
and do something else that brings happiness.

For perhaps what you needed to learn from it
you have already achieved.
Go wherever you want to go,
Do whatever you want to do,
for as long as you want to.

Create only for the mere joy of creating.
When you create for you,
you will soon find youself living in joy.

Don't ever strive to have anyone understand you.
If they wish to understand,
they will.

Love everyone.
Have compassion for all other entities.
You do not need to go and take care of them.
Love them by allowing them to express however they choose.
That is the greatest thing you can do!
If they are angered or disappointed by your life,
love them
by allowing them to be that way.
Then you have become a great person, a great light!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

~ Unspoken ~

Unspoken ....

Deep inside I feel this pain
tears fall in my hands when I pray

Everywhere I go...I see you
and the cold breeze takes my breath away
I feel so lonely...
so lonely, since you left me
since you have chosen her

Now I realize the truth
you never wanted me in your life
its just only me
that needed you
but you ...
just needed me as a friend
a friend to chat
just only to eliminate boredom
not more than that

I should have known that earlier
before it left a deep scar on my heart

Now .......
just watching you from far

embrace the reality
that I dont deserve to be yours
you had many women in your life
I'm just numbers

There was such a great barrier
between us
just like heaven and earth
you are fair ... I'm dark
you are young ... I'm old

The unspoken pain
left me in solitude ...

Monday, September 20, 2010

~ Sometime, someone from somewhere ~

Sometime, someone from somewhere .....
is thinking of you
And remembers your good thing that have been done
Let it be whoever is
but thoughts are always great

Sometime, someone from somewhere .....
wanting to steal your heart
and you will not even know about it
Let it be whoever is
but love has its own freedom to share

Sometime, someone from somewhere .....
dreaming of you
And feels your love runs through their heart
Let it be whoever is
but allow your heart to meet with their soul

Sometime, someone from somewhere .....
wanting to kiss you
And wants to feel your warm lips comfort them
Let it be whoever is
but let their love speak through lips

Sometime, someone from somewhere .....
wanting to love you
And wants to feel your soul in side them
Let it be whoever is
but allow the love to fulfill its thirst

Sunday, September 19, 2010

~ Alone ~

Alone .........

Are you all alone?
Do you feel that
you stand in solitude in this crowded world?
Do you enjoy the company of yourself
or do you hate being alone?

Loneliness is not a desirable option,
but often it helps to unclog one's mind.

Spend a few minutes alone,
away from the maddening crowds
and delve deep into your soul.

As you drift into the chasms of your thoughts,
you will find harmony with the world.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

~ Someone ......Somewhere ~

Someone Somewhere ..........

Someone somewhere

who is missing you

Someone somewhere

who wish to talk to you
Someone somewhere

who wants to touch you

Someone somewhere
who always think about you

Never feel alone

Because even if you dont believe

There's someone out there

Someone who loves you
and you dont know it

Someone somewhere

There's always someone
who hides their love

Who just wont admit it

Someone somewhere

Never put yourself down
Cause someone always thinking about you
Dont ever take them for granted

Cause someone out there
is in love
In love with you

Everyone has to have a someone

Everywhere there has to be love

In every how there is a way

Remember now and forever
There's someone out there...

who loves you.

Monday, September 13, 2010

~ Life Is A River ~

Life is a river.
At its headwaters, it is small
and gentle, slow flowing.

As it proceeds downstream,
it widens and deepens,
with turbulence beginning
to mar its glassy surface.

For mile after mile, it rushes,
sometimes calmly, smoothly,
but at other times turning into
raging white water, bubbling
and churning until it opens
once again into calm water.

It nourishes others along the way
and in turn draws needed sustenance
from the many brooks and creeks
that connect with it.

There is harmony,
a balance of forces in its flow.

Sudden storms may erupt to send
excessive runoff into its banks,
temporarily flooding and harming
those lands it serves…but patience
sees its return to its peaceful path.
Through rapids, over waterfalls,
rising and falling with the rains or
drought, it stays its course,
consistent, dependable, tenacious.

Finally, this river reaches the delta,
where it spreads out as a sprawling,
flat plain mixing with the saline
of the sea.

Here it slows its flow
and, now spent, rests until disappearing
into the abyss that consumes it.

The calm of the eddies,
the exhilaration of the rapids,
the peril of the waterfalls,
and the peace of the delta,
all add richness to the river.

Friday, September 3, 2010

~ No Regrets ~

No Regrets ........

People come and people go
they cross our life
and touch our soul

having them gave such a wonderful feeling
eventhough ...
there were ups and downs
no regrets ....

I want to live life to the fullest,
and not have any regrets,
for the things I say,
for the things I do,
as I pass by my way on through.

I want to be the best I can be,
every waking moment,

I want to love and be loved,
and live life joyously,
quietly and peacefully

and when I am no more,
and I’ve gone
there will be no need for excuses, yet,
definitely no regrets.

everything happens for a reasons .....

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

~ Strangers ~

Strangers .........

We are both strangers at the start….
Learn to accept as friends….
As days pass by we became entwined….

We laugh together and shared the good times….
We shed tears when were down….
We build a foundation and dreams as high as the sky….
We cherish that times we spend together….
We thought it will last forever, till the end of time….


You became silent and never speak up….
You judged me and set me aside….
You abandoned me ...
What shall I do...

we were strangers….