Tuesday, January 25, 2011

~ I Want ~

I want .......

I don't want life
to be hard and cold

I want to be surrounded
by kindness and love
feel the soft caress
of family,
loved ones

I want happiness to flow
so deep and fast
that sadness drowns
and is washed away

I want anger and harsh words
soften by love
melted by forgiveness

I want everyone to help
by building a bridge
to a kinder
softer world

Thursday, January 20, 2011

~ Will I Ever Find The Way? ~

Will I Ever Find The Way?......

Sometimes I just don't know
where I am going or what I want.

How can a person
who seems so blessed be so lost?
What unrest is planted in my heart?
Where do the seeds
of unhappiness come from?

I know the secret of happiness
a truth deep in my soul
to love,
to care,
be kind and gentle.

Yet I stray so far from
the path of contentment.

Is it a life long search to find the way?
Will I ever find the way?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

~ Understanding ~

Understanding .....

To understand is to love,

to look out upon the world and see there in
the human conflicts, the pain, the joys, sorrows, and agonies
in sensitive hearts who seek refuge and help,
who need a stronger power to guide their lives.

To understand is to have compassion on the multitudes,

to hate sin but not the sinner.
It is to know weakness, yet rise above it,
to see it in others, yet not condemn,
but uplift those hearts and encourage
them to go on to better things.

To understand, is to suffer with others,

to desire to relieve their pain and to take it on oneself.
it is to sympathize, to truly live and love
with a full heart made wide and full.

This is understanding.

This is love.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

~ Deep Inside My Heart ~

Deep inside my heart .........

I don’t open up
With what I feel deep inside me
It’s locked in my heart
No one has that sacred key

I keep it there
To protect it from pain
Sometimes I want to let it all out
Sometimes I want to explain

Will I ever feel like I can really be open
Like I can really share
All there is about me
Without worry, without care

When will I feel that trust
Without shame, without fear
To let someone that close
To let someone that near

In the meantime they are safe
My feelings, my heart
Until I am certain
They wont be ripped apart

Friday, January 7, 2011

~ Throw My Heart To The Wind ~

Throw my heart to the wind ..........

Let my heart be thrown to the wind.
Let it blow about in tatters
Like colorful tissue paper, torn to bits
When the celebration is over.

Let my heart be thrown to the wind.
Let it scatter and fall where it will
Like the blossoms that drift gently from the trees
Petal by petal, to be tossed about by the wind.

Let my heart be thrown to the wind.
Let it leap like lightening between the clouds.
Let it beat with the rhythm of thunder
And the roaring of a storm.

Let my heart be thrown to the wind.
Let it dissolve and disappear
Like words disappear when spoken
Into the wind, where no one hears.