Wednesday, July 25, 2012

~ Enough ~

Do you have just enough?

In life we find we have enough...

enough bad experiences,
enough obstacles,
enough pain,
enough bills,
enough failed relationships.
enough faith,
enough determination,
enough peace,
enough money,
enough love.

Perhaps having just enough,
is really having it all.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

~ Crying ~

It brings me discomfort to see people cry
I never know how to react or respond
To the steadfast emotion so common to human
So deeply attached to the frailties we share
Its so unpredictable
So like the wind

Clouds laden with moisture
That bursts at the seams
One truly can never anticipate
What may precipitate unwanted tears
To burst upon hearts with jagged edge
With a vengeance to tears out our dreams

Sadness is all around everyday and
Tears are abundant to wash it from sight
But tears alone never will take it away

Crying will not set things right
So, we cry for our losses
We cry for ourselves
We cry for the pain that we must endure
We cry for the child who cannot understand
We cry
Because life is unsure