Saturday, June 23, 2012

~ The Eye Of Soul ~

I judge you not by what you wear,
Whether your garment is of rag or riches,
Or your skin is of a color white or black,
Whether you wear some gold or trinkets,
Or decorate yourself with stones and diamonds,
I see you with the eye of Soul.

I know you, for who you are inside of you,
Not for your smiles, for smiles could be false,
Not for your looks, for looks could deceive,
Not for your appearance, for that won’t last,
And not for your clothes, for that only covers.
I see you with the eye of Soul.

I am a friend to that you inside of you,
Indifferent to your dose of limitations,
Forgiving to your human flaws of character
Unyielding to rumors and gossips about you
For the eye within sees even more,
I see you with the eye of Soul.

Friday, June 15, 2012

~ Where Is The Answers ? ~

What lies ahead for me?
Is it adventure,
Or is it despair.
Is it interesting, Or is it dull.
Is it fun, Or will it be bore

Could it be total fulfillment,
Or a total disappointment.

Where is my life going?
Where is it headed?
Where is the reasoning?

Is it out there, waiting to be found?
Or is it lost, for eternity?

So I can be lost wandering, forever.

I want to know.
For now I am lost.

Lost to despair.

It has a firm grasp on me.

And I am stuck wandering, aimlessly,
Searching for the answer.

Do you know?
 If so, please speak. 
 For now, I am so bleak.
  I want to know, desperately. 

 But I know that I,  
And only I, 
can find the answer. 

For no one knows me, 
 As well as I know. 
They say the answer will come.
  But when? 

 I sit and think and wait,
  But nothing appears to me. 
 I search and search,  
Till I feel I am falling into abyss. 

I need someone, something. 
 It is a quest I can't escape. 
 My mind spins around and around, 
But still, no answer is to be found. 
 So my desolate search goes on And on, 
And on, 
And on.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

~ Rejection ~

So often we reach out
And offer that which we have to give
To someone who has no need
Or does not recognize the value of our gift

Thus our gift goes unreceived
Through no fault of our own
And this rejection causes pain

But the real tragedy occurs
When someone comes along
Who has a need for
And recognizes the value
Of what we have to give

But because the memory of rejection
Is still fresh on our mind
We are no longer
Reaching out

Sunday, June 3, 2012

~ Moment ~

I may never see tomorrow,
And things that happened yesterday, 
belong to history
I cannot predict the future, 
I cannot change the past
I have just the present moment, 
I must treat it as my last

I must use this moment wisely, 
for it will soon pass away
And be lost to me forever, 
as part of yesterday
I must exercise compassion, 
help the fallen to their feet.
Be a friend unto the friendless,
 make an empty life complete

The unkind things I do today, 
may never be undone
And friendships that I fail to win,
 may never more be won
I may not have another chance  to pray
And thank God with humble heart, 
for giving me this day.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

~ Life ~

I didn't ask for it to be over
But then again
I didn't ask for it to begin
For that's the way it is with Life

As some of the most beautiful days
Come completely by chance
But even the most beautiful days
Eventually have their sunsets

Friday, June 1, 2012

~ Lonely Nights ~


Staring into the darkness,
As sleep escapes once more.
I climb out of my lonely bed,
And silently pace the floor.
Trying not to think of you,
But it happens every time.
Just when I try to forget for a while,
You go drifting across my mind.

The thoughts of you are never far,
Your memory lingers there.
In every song I hear your name,
Your face is everywhere.
The sound of your voice rings in my ears,
I feel the touch of your hand.
I feel you pulling me close in your arms,
I'm trying to understand.

How did I come to love you so?
How can I make this love die?
I just can't do the impossible,
I don't even want to try.
So I crawl back into my lonely bed,
And wipe away my tears.
I look back on the happy times,
To help drive away my fears.

If all I have are dreams of you,
Then I'll guard them like a treasure.
For every thought I have of you,
Can only bring me pleasure.
I pull my pillow closer,
Pretend it's you by my side;
Then drift away in dreams of you,
Into this lonely night.