Friday, June 15, 2012

~ Where Is The Answers ? ~

What lies ahead for me?
Is it adventure,
Or is it despair.
Is it interesting, Or is it dull.
Is it fun, Or will it be bore

Could it be total fulfillment,
Or a total disappointment.

Where is my life going?
Where is it headed?
Where is the reasoning?

Is it out there, waiting to be found?
Or is it lost, for eternity?

So I can be lost wandering, forever.

I want to know.
For now I am lost.

Lost to despair.

It has a firm grasp on me.

And I am stuck wandering, aimlessly,
Searching for the answer.

Do you know?
 If so, please speak. 
 For now, I am so bleak.
  I want to know, desperately. 

 But I know that I,  
And only I, 
can find the answer. 

For no one knows me, 
 As well as I know. 
They say the answer will come.
  But when? 

 I sit and think and wait,
  But nothing appears to me. 
 I search and search,  
Till I feel I am falling into abyss. 

I need someone, something. 
 It is a quest I can't escape. 
 My mind spins around and around, 
But still, no answer is to be found. 
 So my desolate search goes on And on, 
And on, 
And on.

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