Thursday, December 31, 2009

~ Memories Of Yesterday ~

Memories of Yesterday...........
(goodbye 2009...........welcome 2010)

so close in my heart
yet so far away
I think about you

I'm sitting here
all alone
wishing I could talk to you
staring at the phone

thinking what had happened
between us
things that went wrong
now I'm stuck somewhere
I feel I don't belong

I love you so much
my dearest friend
wishing to be together
until the very end

Memories of yesterday
linger in my mind
of all the things
I left behind

I wish I could turn back time
to when I was free
so full of life
just you and me

I would freeze that moment
and hold it tight
everything would be perfect
and feel so right

As I turn back the pages of memories
and recall each single thought,
I realize the happiness and pleasure
that knowing you has brought.

There are memories of the times
we’ve shared both bright and gloomy days
there are memories of your kindness
and your friendly, thoughtful ways.

There are memories of your laughter,
your gay and cheery smile
that added a bright note to each of us
and made life more worthwhile.

There are memories of the things
we planned each friendly little chat,
when we would get together
and just talk of this and that.

And when I recall these memories
as I move along life’s way
they grow more precious and blessed
with every passing day.

Days turn into months
months turn into years
I'm forever missing you
wishing you were here

You'll always be missed
but Your forever in my heart
I will never forget

memories of yesterday

So until the day
we can meet again

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

~ Be Free ~

Be Free.......

Let the wind blow free….
Like the bird flies and glides up in the sky….

Let the waves rolls free….
Like the fish swims under the sea….

Let your self feel free…
Let your dreams aim high….

Let love flow freely
from every moment in our life........

Monday, December 28, 2009

~ Do I Deserve ~

Do I Deserve.........

Do I deserve the hurt I’ve been given;
Or the pain that’s been inflicted?

Do I deserve the loss of a true love
And for my heart to be so restricted?

Do I deserve the dishonest acts of others;
all the disrespect I am shown?

Do I deserve people saying my name in hate;
Or to be so alone and unknown?

Do I deserve the reputation I have;
To always be used as a toy?

Do I deserve being treated as bad as I am;
So easy for my life, to destroy?

If so, strike me down,
If so, show me,
If so, take my sight,
Or please, let me see.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

~ Pain ~

Pain ...............

It has many forms, some hurt worse than others
Some cause you to bleed, while others make you cry
Some make you want to die, or be dead, while
others just make you want to stay in bed

Pain, its like a bee stinging you in the face
Pain, its like someone sprayin you with mace
Pain, its like having your best friend die
Pain, its like biting into a hot piece of pie
Pain, its like a knife tearing your skin
Pain, its like not having any friends
Pain, its like having your heart ripped in two
Pain, its like not knowing what to do
Pain, is a common thing for me
Pain, it fills my life with sorrow and misery
Pain, it makes me want to cry everyday
Pain, it makes me feel the worst way
Pain, it drives my life and the things I do
Pain..........please leave me alone !

Monday, December 14, 2009

~ Don’t be afraid of who you are ~

Don’t be afraid of who you are ...........

Do anything you want to do
go anywhere you want to go.
All you’ve got is who you are

Don’t be afraid of you.
Don’t be afraid to open life’s doors
have courage to build new ones.
Create the opportunities you desire

Don’t be afraid of you.
Don’t be afraid to be weak
Don’t be afraid to fail
Learn from each experience

Don’t be afraid of you.
Don’t be afraid to dream your dreams
wish what you desire.

Close your eyes and dream away
Don’t be afraid of you.
Don’t be afraid to find your path
broaden your horizons.

when all you see is black and white
take charge to change the colours.
Don’t be afraid of you.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

~ I Am Nothing ~

I am Nothing........

I am here sitting,
wondering and doing nothing….

I am thinking
that something might happen
but I am nothing….

I dreamed and dreaming
but I am nothing….

I am thinking….dreaming that ,
I might be someone and something….

But i started in nothing….

I was in love and beloved but ended in nothing….
I give my care….
I give my love….
I give my respect….

But I lost him….
Cause I'm nothing to him….

All I want is to be happy….
To be cared….
To be loved….
To be respected….

I may have nothing now….
But someday I might have everything….

~ A Lesson in Love ~

A Lesson in Love..........

Love is something I have never experienced.
Something I have never known.
Do I want to know?
Do I want to experience?

Experience something so different, so crazy,
So overwhelming.

You don't know my torture, or my pain.
How can I explain to you the feelings that
Come over me while your in my arms?
Or when I stare into your hypnotic eyes.

Are these feelings love?
Feelings I can't fight.

Have you shown me pleasure or pain?
Why do I tremble when you say my name?

I will let you win the game you play with my heart.
For a lesson,

A lesson in love.