Wednesday, November 30, 2011

~ Crying ~

Have you ever cried without shedding a tear?
Have you felt the pain of another when they are near?
Have you cried when a new born baby arrives
And cried when you see that child as it thrives

Have you ever loved someone so much you cry?
Knowing that you will fail them no matter how you try
To keep the pain of harm, of loss, of love, of life
Turning it into joy and goodness, instead of strife

Have you felt the tears fall like raindrops as you smile?
Realizing that this is peace, glad you walked that mile...

Have you loved so hard, that it hurts deep inside
When what you need is a touch,
or love that doesn't hide
It seems that there are days when the tears fall
No matter what is good, the sadness removes it all

Crying they say is good for so many that true?
Good for the soul,
good to cleanse the hurt,
heal the blues

Lately life brings many tears, as the crying doesn't cease
The wars,
the famine,
the abuses, never ending diseases
Loss of jobs,
being homeless,
addictions and despair

Rarely do we see any happiness, only sadness in the air
I've felt the joys of motherhood, and captured all that love
Praying they would be safe and content as the white dove
Instead sometimes we fail, although it was not the intent
We do our best, still fail the test, tears can't fix the dents

Crying, crying, crying...seems that is what we do.....
The tears do not fix everything, they simply fail as glue

Although we try, the years go by,
We see through different eyes, no matter how I tried

Have you ever felt the tears as they drop like heavy rain
Thinking that soon, they will dry and there will be no pain

Have you ever cried so much that there are none left
Then realized that it doesn't really matter; it is all set

I have cried the tears of joy,
the tears of gladness,
the tears of sorrow,
the tears of forgiveness,
the tears of laughter,
the tears of anger,
the tears of grieving

I have cried a river, and filled every crack within my soul
yet, for some reason, I am certain, that there will be more
because no matter what life brings us,
tears come to shore

Of all the tears that I have shed, the one that means
the most to me..
is when I held my hands and asked
to be forgiven!

Monday, November 28, 2011

~ Tired Of Empty Promises ? ~

Did you place all your hopes in the things of this world
To find you've never really been satisfied ?
And you've never really been at peace in your heart
Regardless of the things you have tried.

Perhaps it was money, prestige or relationships
That left you disappointed or betrayed.
Or you've never really felt like you ever fit in
No matter where it was you stayed.

If you're tired of the vain promises
And the pale answers the world offers up,
Let's pray to Allah, ask Him to save you
Then I promise He'll fill your cup.

There's nothing this world can give a person
That could ever substitute or replace
A personal relationship with God
And knowing you're covered by grace.

Friday, November 18, 2011

~ Surrender ~

In the stillness of the morning
Oh God I come to You.
I pray that on this day
You’ll help me to get through.
I pray You’ll guide each of my steps
As I live as for You today.
Please give me strength and courage
To live my life Your way.

In the business of the day
I come to You
Yaa Allah
I know I get impatient Lord
For I am terribly flawed.
But please Lord take my worries
I give them all to You.
And help me trust You
In everything I do.

In the struggles of the evening
Please help me Lord get through.
Often times I just can’t cope
And I don’t know what to do.
Though storms rage up against me
Don’t let me lose the fight.
For Your strength is all I need
So keep me in your sight.

In the quiet of the night time
Oh Lord I pray to you.
Please protect my family
Each day and each night too.
I ask Lord for Your special touch
To cover us with love.
To keep us safe all through the night
As You watch us from above.

Friday, November 11, 2011

~ I'm Just A Woman ~

A woman needs to be assured
In each and every way,
She needs the warmth of loving words
That only you can say.

She needs a lot of understanding …
When she's feeling somewhat down.
She needs for you to make her smile,
And take away her frown.

A woman's heart is fragile
Her feelings are that way too,
Times she feels so sad inside,
Not knowing what to do.

It's hard to be a woman,
Misunderstood in many ways,
Sometimes all it takes to help,
Is a loving word, to make her day.

She needs to know that she's the one,
That fills your heart with desire,
She needs to be told often,
That she sets your soul on fire.

She needs that soft and tender touch
As if she were a fragile rose,
And feel that she's so special.
From all others, you could have chose.

She needs to hear, "I Love you",
Whether close or miles apart,
She needs to know… she's the one,
That's the center of your heart.

So, please listen when I need to talk,
Please kiss away my tears,
Let me share my worries with you,
And help me face my fears.

You see, I'm just a woman.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

~ To Be One ~

To Be One ....

Not all love

no matter how strong

gets a chance to have a lifetime

of expression

some love

though it be all powerful

can only shine

in the shortness

of just the smallest time

being a love that’s true

its life force, its shadow

its tune

will live on in the hearts

of those two

that for whatever time

got the honor, the privilege

the pleasure

to be one…