Friday, November 18, 2011

~ Surrender ~

In the stillness of the morning
Oh God I come to You.
I pray that on this day
You’ll help me to get through.
I pray You’ll guide each of my steps
As I live as for You today.
Please give me strength and courage
To live my life Your way.

In the business of the day
I come to You
Yaa Allah
I know I get impatient Lord
For I am terribly flawed.
But please Lord take my worries
I give them all to You.
And help me trust You
In everything I do.

In the struggles of the evening
Please help me Lord get through.
Often times I just can’t cope
And I don’t know what to do.
Though storms rage up against me
Don’t let me lose the fight.
For Your strength is all I need
So keep me in your sight.

In the quiet of the night time
Oh Lord I pray to you.
Please protect my family
Each day and each night too.
I ask Lord for Your special touch
To cover us with love.
To keep us safe all through the night
As You watch us from above.

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