Wednesday, March 28, 2012

~ Confused ~

Should I hesitate as I speak
Please don't think me preoccupied

For words don't come easily
When one really cares
And too often I evaluate each word
Trying to be anyone
-- but myself

And the fear of rejection
Brings confusion
The confusion brings silence
And my heart prays
That you might hear my silence
-- and understand

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

~ Someday ~

Someday I will smile
And find the warmth of my smile
Reflected back to me

Someday I will reach out to someone
And find that I only have to reach halfway
For he will be reaching out to me

Someday I will find
The true meaning of the word Love
That many use so carelessly

Someday I will find
Someone with whom I can share
But for now
I must try to know myself
And the world around me

So when the time comes for me to give
I will know the meaning
of my gift

Sunday, March 11, 2012

~ A Woman's Heart ~


A woman's heart can be the strongest
In the most difficult of times
Yet a woman's heart can still be fragile
When all hope appears to abandon us.

Then out of the darkness sparks a light
Unbelievable love abounds from strangers
Who at one time have felt the same
Deep sense of loss and shame.

We have wandered the same roads of loneliness
Shed the same tears under different burdens
Yet as women we come together to unite
To open our arms of love and comfort.

We are not weak in any sense of the word
We offer a willing heart to listen and share
Never assume nor make judgements
Only understanding and unconditional love.

We women come from all walks of life
Yet as one entity we are the strongest
Each hand holding the next in strength
Come take my hand my dear sisters
Always know that you are not alone
Together as one we give you love
Never again shall you ever walk alone.

Friday, March 9, 2012

~ Thank You ~

You came into my life

But not unwanted
You came at a time that I needed
A tender smile
A gentle touch
You came with understanding
For you asked no questions

With loving care
You healed my wounds
And nursed me to health again
Then you watched over me
Till I regained my courage
To face the world again
And in your wisdom you realized
My need to be free
So you tied no bonds

Now each night
Wherever I am
I think of you
Wherever you are
And in my heart I repeat
"Thank you"