Tuesday, April 27, 2010

~ A Woman ~

A Woman ..............

Where will your heart be now?
Always thinking you‘re going to fail
But what you need to do is hold on to faith
Until the sinking ship sails again

You are the old and the new
You are brave and bold
You are the independent woman
You will listen to your child,
And will always be by their side
with the strength God has given you
Just because you are the special gift from above
The Women and Mothers of love

You are the women the world cannot do with out
You’ll stay strong
when days are weak and filled with doubts
You will wipe away your tears
when you are left alone to achieve by yourself
Taking on heartaches and fears
Giving young women a chance
to be what they already are
Strong, Reliant, Noble, and Intelligent
as a result of women torments
in past history.

Where will your heart be now?
Not knowing you always
had the ability to take on such responsibilities
You are the group that builds
each other and believe in one another for today
You can lift your voice and rejoice
Raise your hands in the air
Telling the Lord your God
that you are so thankful to be
The Independent Women and Mothers of love

Sunday, April 25, 2010

~ The Essence of Me ~

The Essence of Me ......

You can find it ..........

...In each line of poetry I write...

...Breathed in every word that I speak...

...Eased into each movement I make...

...Etched into every expression on my face...

...Fired in each synapses in my brain...

...Ignited in every fire of my passion...

...Glazed in each one of my stares...

...Spread in every curve of my smile...

...Drenched in each tear I cry...

...Exhaled in every sigh...

...Stitched into each fiber of my soul...

...All that is the essence of me

Saturday, April 24, 2010

~ Soulmate ~

Soulmate .........

He saw her over the gulf of eternity
Sitting under the great oak.
Her body swathed in white chiffon
and lace,
Her knees up
Her body cradled over
the box... the box of gold..
her gift.

She sat there crying,
Her sobs touching every fibre of her soul.
For inside the box, was her gift,
of love, her soul, her desire, her need.
The precious seeds of her womanhood.

With love
those seeds would grow,
venture out of the box into the sunlight,
and through their growth
fill her life with color
the beautiful perfume of flowers,
the wonder of birds and butterflies
attracted by it's beauty.

But her box was grey,
Covered with years of neglect,
the seeds resting on bone-dry soil.
Her heart in hibernation.
Her tears tracing lines down her cheek.

He watched her.
He understood.
She fell asleep.

She woke to see him there
The box cradled lovingly in his lap
Toolbox by his side.
He was a million miles away
across the great gulf
yet seemed to be right next to her.
And she watched,
as his loving hands treasured it
wiped away the years
brought back the wonder of the gold,
made all the years of neglect disappear.
Time stood still as she watched.
The gold was battered,
dented and scraped,
marks of the pain in her life.
Each mark disappeared under his loving attention,
each dent pulled out
each scrape buffed clean.
Time, he seemed to have endless time,
as he focused his love on each flaw,
one by one,
tears in his eyes as he understood the pain each one signified,
then erasing it with his loving hands.
The gentle light from his eyes,
and the water from his tears,
nourished her seeds,
bringing life and beauty where there once was desolation.

And then he was there,
next to her.
She lost herself in his eyes
as he tenderly placed the treasure
in her hands.
"Take it forever!" she started to cry,
but a gentle touch to her lips stifled the cry in her throat.
"My love," he said,
"God has placed us on opposite sides of a great gulf.
Only He can make that gulf disappear, and he will,
in His own time.
Until then, we have His work to do,
each on our own side.
When that work is done, He will look on us with favor,
for it is He who sent me to you."
He took her hands in his
touched his lips to hers, and said,
"But this promise I make: when you need me, summon me.
I will come to your side.
And every night I shall return,
to wipe away every scratch,
fix every flaw,
that life has put on your gift of your womanhood.
I will lie with you and ease your pain.
And when the gulf is gone,
when eternity is ours,
I will place your gift in a place of honor,
So the world will see, and know
That I treasure you
your womanhood
your love
your life.
They will all know that you have finally received
the love you deserve."

And he was gone.
She cried.

Then a soft voice was heard from all around her
and inside her...
"My, child. When you thought it was a man you needed
I let you choose a man.
But he took your gift, and put it on a shelf
To wither
To die.
When you thought it was a lover you needed
You chose a lover
Who simply used your gift as a stepping stool
to reach over the walls in his life which he despised.
No, it is not a man you need,
for a man cannot understand your heart.
And it is not a lover you need. A lover is like a firefly,
lighting your life for a moment,
then leaving you to deal with the darkness
Until it flashes again.

So I have taken it into my own hands
and shown you what you truly need.
He is not just a man, though a man he is.
He is not just a lover, though a lover he is.
He is the man I have given you forever...
He is your soulmate."

Monday, April 19, 2010

~ Dream Versus Reality ~

Dream Versus Reality .........

Life is what we make it!
But we can never really control things.

We can’t keep things from happening
and we can’t make it happen if it won’t.
It’s all in the force of destiny.

Our dreams are reflections of what we want.

If you feel locked up like a prisoner,
then you’ll dream of freedom.

If you are tired and restless,
you’ll dream of a peaceful sleep.

If you are all alone,
you’ll dream of friendship and companionship.

If you’re broken-hearted,
then you’ll dream of falling in love.

In our dreams, we can be who we want to be.
We even have the power to control everything.

Our dreams give us the opportunity to take hold of things
the will is always out-of-reach.
We are able to see the perfect life but sadly, it’s all fantasy.
No matter how hard we dream and fantasize
about what should have been,
reality pulls us back to our senses.

We can never escape from reality.
And in reality, nothing is perfect.

In every laughter, there are tears.
In every hope, there’s disappointment.
That’s the real world.

And that’s what makes life a challenge.
And behind these challenges
are the missing pieces of the puzzle of a perfect life.

Our dreams are our refuge from the unbelievable reality.
After everything we’ve been through,
our dreams serve as our battery to keep us falling.
But reality strikes!

We have to wake up and face the great world out there.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

~ Sometimes in life ~

Sometimes in life ........

people do things that we can't explain
Sometimes they break your heart
Sometimes in life they say terrible things
and the friendship falls apart

Sometimes in life it is necessary to forgive
though it may not have happened yet

Sometimes in life we go our own way
because we can forgive but not forget

Sometimes the soul is in need of healing
So we pray to God above

Today I pray for all of my friends
even the ones who show me no love ........

Thursday, April 1, 2010

~ Fears ~

Fears ...........

Me and my fears envelope me
A strange fear of the unknown
The unknown path of the untold
The untold path yet to unfold
The untold path of life....

Where would life lead me?
What lies in the path ahead?
Lost in the mirage
Me and my fears engulf me...

Is life just the way it is
Work and earn
For food and shelter,
A little more for luxury
More for riches and designer matter,
A crave for wealth
A crave for fame
For name, for power
Is this all on life?
Me and my fears insinge me

Will not all this be left behind,
When this cloak of a body declines,
And there's nothing left
Me and my fears