Monday, April 19, 2010

~ Dream Versus Reality ~

Dream Versus Reality .........

Life is what we make it!
But we can never really control things.

We can’t keep things from happening
and we can’t make it happen if it won’t.
It’s all in the force of destiny.

Our dreams are reflections of what we want.

If you feel locked up like a prisoner,
then you’ll dream of freedom.

If you are tired and restless,
you’ll dream of a peaceful sleep.

If you are all alone,
you’ll dream of friendship and companionship.

If you’re broken-hearted,
then you’ll dream of falling in love.

In our dreams, we can be who we want to be.
We even have the power to control everything.

Our dreams give us the opportunity to take hold of things
the will is always out-of-reach.
We are able to see the perfect life but sadly, it’s all fantasy.
No matter how hard we dream and fantasize
about what should have been,
reality pulls us back to our senses.

We can never escape from reality.
And in reality, nothing is perfect.

In every laughter, there are tears.
In every hope, there’s disappointment.
That’s the real world.

And that’s what makes life a challenge.
And behind these challenges
are the missing pieces of the puzzle of a perfect life.

Our dreams are our refuge from the unbelievable reality.
After everything we’ve been through,
our dreams serve as our battery to keep us falling.
But reality strikes!

We have to wake up and face the great world out there.