Tuesday, August 23, 2011

~ In This Life ~

In this life ......

In this life we need insight to follow the light
In this life we must do just what is right
In this life for many survival is a fight
In this life for some comfort is out of sight
In this life not all will find it pretty and bright
In this life belief will bring us relief
Then Let's live faithful with hope,
Keep on believing in the words of Allah
Follow not those who are proud
As only in Allah's word

In this life we'll ever learn how to cope
In this life belief will bring relief
In this life everything has an end
In this life our lives He just lend

However there will come a time
According to His words
Hereafter life will be happy and bright

In this life only belief will bring us relief
In this life we need His mercy and grace
In this life however hard be your case
Make no waste but with Him keep the pace
In this life belief will bring us relief.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

~ Love and Hate ~

~Love and Hate ~

High and low

love and hate

how alike but not the same

both are pursed

with intensity and passion

each igniting an inner flame

If we had never climbed

the mountain

would we know

how low the valley

If we had not suffered

the pain of heartache

would we feel

the wonder of love

Is it safer to hide from the world

in a illusion of contentment

but then what would we

have to say of life

other than the safe haven

we have endured

Thus climbing the mountains

exploring the depths

living and loving

as if there is no tomorrow

knowing you have endured

the worst

enjoyed in full the elixir of life

by living each day your way

as it was meant to be