Tuesday, October 19, 2010

~ I've Dreamed Many Dreams ~

I've Dreamed Many Dreams ........

I've dreamed many dreams that never came true.
I've seen them vanish at dawn.
But I've realized enough of my dreams thank the Lord,
To make me want to dream on.

I've prayed many prayers when no answer came,
Though I've waited patient and long,
But answers have come to enough of my prayers
To make me keep praying on.

I've trusted many a friend that failed,
And left me to weep alone,
But I've found enough of my friends that are really true,
That will make me keep trusting on.

I've sown many seeds that have fallen by the way,
For the birds to feed upon,
But I've held enough golden sheaves in my hand,
To make me keep sowing on.

I've drunk from the cup of disappointment and pain
I've gone many days without song,
But I've sipped enough nectar from the Roses of Life
To make me keep living on!

Monday, October 18, 2010

~ Walking Alone in Togetherness ~

Walking Alone in Togetherness ......

Walking alone in togetherness,
strolling a deserted path
Arms of a nearby oak tree reaching,
aching to touch the darkened sky

Lost loves and lives
Crumpled leaves long forgotten
Forbidden pleasures pulling
Tugging from every direction

Haunting cries of those forsaken
Crowding the rocky passage
Morals and ethics from generations past
Fallen by the wayside

Earthly beings may prove unfaithful
Leaving one to walk alone
A new understanding to be awarded
To those with rich hearts filled

When times of trial and dismay take hold
A human companion could prove false
Leaving nothing of compassion
A barren tree incapable of support

Grasping for eternity
His great name renewed
Earthly pleasures abandoned
Mortalism now understood

In time comes the perception
Do not renounce Him above
For it is better to walk alone in togetherness
then to walk together, alone

Saturday, October 16, 2010

~ Love is like a flower ~

Love is like a flower........

Love is like a flower with proper nurturing
it blooms and flourishes as each day passes.

Yet, if it is neglected,
in a moment's time it soon withers and dies.

To hold love,
we must treat it as a rare and tender flower,
nurturing it with the utmost patience and care.

To keep it vibrant and alive
it takes many long hours
of continuous effort and constant attention.

To lose it
takes only a moment of
forgetfulness, disinterest and mistrust.

To sow the seeds of love is
as wonderful as sowing the seeds
of magnificent garden,
and watching them
flourish and grow is a marvel in itself.

To sow the seeds of love
only to watch them wither and choke,
like a garden that's become full of weeds,
is a crime of the heart that none should commit.

Love can last an eternity,
like the gardens of a forbidden tropical paradise,
yet, in an instant,
it can be destroyed
by a hurricane of hate,
in a sea of bitterness and despair.

Friday, October 8, 2010

~ Reality ~

Reality ........

How CAN a single soul know what reality is?
For God only knows what the answers become
And the final say in all situations is His!

If you say you are in reality, what do you mean?
In the past, the present, or the future,
It does not exist during any of those times,
Reality is not past, present, future, or in between.

Moment to moment reality will change
And only during one given moment can reality be.
Reality becomes something new and restructured
That with each passing second you will see.

All that you have is this moment in time
And to be realistic is to understand
That the only thing real in this life right now
Is that God holds your soul in His Hand.

Monday, October 4, 2010

~ Only The Blind Can See ~

Only The Blind Can See ........

The air we breathe cannot be seen
And yet it fills our breasts
The stars so high we cannot touch
But we admire them never the less

The depth of the world is so shallow
For we judge only what is in sight
If we close our eyes and open our minds
It will be revealed that night is day and day is night

Nothing is what it seems
If you trust in only with your eyes
Open your heart and release the spirit
Leave behind the tears and cries

True joy can only found
If you take the time to look deep within
The outer appearance is only a shell
While the truth is under the skin

Distance in fact is many miles
It is far if that is what you see
But if you look with your heart and not the eyes
I'm as close to you as you are to me

Saturday, October 2, 2010

~ The Withered Rose ~

The Withered Rose .........

If beauty is like a rose,
then it will also have a thorn.
Before you know it,
you’ll get pricked,
then you’ll feel the sting of that beauty.
Was it worth it then?

If beauty is like a rose,
then you’ll have to nurture it properly.
Lest it shall die and in it’s place
you’ll find nothing
but an ugly weed.

If beauty is like a rose,
then in time it will wither.
The petals will fall and in it’s place
nothing will be,
even when nurtured,
the petals will fall
and be scattered in the wind.