Saturday, October 16, 2010

~ Love is like a flower ~

Love is like a flower........

Love is like a flower with proper nurturing
it blooms and flourishes as each day passes.

Yet, if it is neglected,
in a moment's time it soon withers and dies.

To hold love,
we must treat it as a rare and tender flower,
nurturing it with the utmost patience and care.

To keep it vibrant and alive
it takes many long hours
of continuous effort and constant attention.

To lose it
takes only a moment of
forgetfulness, disinterest and mistrust.

To sow the seeds of love is
as wonderful as sowing the seeds
of magnificent garden,
and watching them
flourish and grow is a marvel in itself.

To sow the seeds of love
only to watch them wither and choke,
like a garden that's become full of weeds,
is a crime of the heart that none should commit.

Love can last an eternity,
like the gardens of a forbidden tropical paradise,
yet, in an instant,
it can be destroyed
by a hurricane of hate,
in a sea of bitterness and despair.

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