Monday, October 18, 2010

~ Walking Alone in Togetherness ~

Walking Alone in Togetherness ......

Walking alone in togetherness,
strolling a deserted path
Arms of a nearby oak tree reaching,
aching to touch the darkened sky

Lost loves and lives
Crumpled leaves long forgotten
Forbidden pleasures pulling
Tugging from every direction

Haunting cries of those forsaken
Crowding the rocky passage
Morals and ethics from generations past
Fallen by the wayside

Earthly beings may prove unfaithful
Leaving one to walk alone
A new understanding to be awarded
To those with rich hearts filled

When times of trial and dismay take hold
A human companion could prove false
Leaving nothing of compassion
A barren tree incapable of support

Grasping for eternity
His great name renewed
Earthly pleasures abandoned
Mortalism now understood

In time comes the perception
Do not renounce Him above
For it is better to walk alone in togetherness
then to walk together, alone

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