Tuesday, April 27, 2010

~ A Woman ~

A Woman ..............

Where will your heart be now?
Always thinking you‘re going to fail
But what you need to do is hold on to faith
Until the sinking ship sails again

You are the old and the new
You are brave and bold
You are the independent woman
You will listen to your child,
And will always be by their side
with the strength God has given you
Just because you are the special gift from above
The Women and Mothers of love

You are the women the world cannot do with out
You’ll stay strong
when days are weak and filled with doubts
You will wipe away your tears
when you are left alone to achieve by yourself
Taking on heartaches and fears
Giving young women a chance
to be what they already are
Strong, Reliant, Noble, and Intelligent
as a result of women torments
in past history.

Where will your heart be now?
Not knowing you always
had the ability to take on such responsibilities
You are the group that builds
each other and believe in one another for today
You can lift your voice and rejoice
Raise your hands in the air
Telling the Lord your God
that you are so thankful to be
The Independent Women and Mothers of love