Monday, May 11, 2009

" Time Passes..............."

Remember, today will be tomorrow a yesterday, one day more against one day less, time to open the book and start writing that epilogue that we all have left to do "after" like there will be another tomorrow and other after that to do it.
But remember, life is fragile, you have it now and in the next instant you don't.

~ oOo ~

Time passes........

Time passes .........
in front of my window
with slow steps,
like it wanted to show me
which in my life, unmercifully,
the hours that are running out
will leave back a solitude
with murmurs of dementia.

Time passes ..........
like a traveler coming back
with slow steps,
wishing to say as he goes
that he used, of his life,
every moment trying to leave
in the subconscious of strangers
a reflection of his face,
whilst I, by my window,
wait for something that's just a dream.

Time passes .........
and I became old
with slow steps,
no wishing to know tomorrow because
I was busy with an empty yesterday
which couldn't be filled with hopes,
and, when looking in my own mirror...
the wrinkles on my face,
which time had carved in,
were mocking, of an unknown city
the map of its streets,
without people and abandoned by dreams.

Time passes ...........
and one start to feel the years weight,
a solitary sadness is knocking at the gates.

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