Tuesday, May 25, 2010

~ Come Fly With Me ~

Come fly with me ........

Come fly with me ...
Glide along with me through the gentle flow of the wind.
Gently whisper your secrets in my ear with your golden wings.

Fill me with your humid breath of strength
as I fly into the clouds.

Delicately embrace my heart with your essence like soft flowing silk.

Smile sweetness upon me
so I'll always soar above mountains,

Above lush green hills and valleys refreshed by the streams.
Be like the sun's rays,
restoring my hopes and dreams.

Come fly with .....
Let me hear the sounds of meadowlarks echoing throughout.

Show me how the trees, bushes and flowers lightly dance about.

Give me the true vision of beauty to enjoy all these lavish blessings.

Let me feel the glorious freedom
and peace in life as I gently glide,

To the blue skies displayed with a bounty of colors and rainbows,

Becoming one heart and soul with the countenance of Creation,

Where the knowledge of the mysteries is within our reach.

Come fly with me
Come fly with me and be free
Fly freely and touch the sky
Feel the rainbow and see the clouds
Come fly with me
Take my hand
And come fly with me

to our world

away from all sadness and loneliness

only us


fly with me

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