Wednesday, July 14, 2010

~ Today is My Birthday ~

Today is my Birthday ......

It is my birthday
I'm so thankful and grateful to Allah
I am blessed with beautiful kids
and wonderful people around me

I realize, I'm not young anymore
not beautiful anymore
but learning to be more wiser than yesterday

to my beautiful kids
and wonderful people around me
thank you so much for your support
and making me alive

We work hard
We share love deeply and completely
and over and over
and again and again.

We struggle and grow
and always come through
with more love and respect
for each other.

When I look around me
and see truly how many people are miserable,
how many choose nor love or truth,
and I'm so thankful to Allah
made me realize that
I am so very lucky.

Thank you Allah ..

The tribulations and challenges that you give me are nothing
to the love that you also give.

The love is as a blanket
that supports me -not covering me,
but carrying me on all
my journeys through-out life.
Even when I forget that it's there
Even when I rage and cry with seeming despair
You are there
To support me
To carry me through to the next corner of life.
Many beautiful corners have you transported me to and through

Yaa Allah thank you for your blessings.

(syukran to all who have wished me " Happy Birthday " ....jazakallahu khairan )