Tuesday, December 14, 2010

~ The Game of Love ~

The Game of Love .......

Love is a cruel game.
It has a line so thin between winning and losing,
it seems to almost laugh at you.

Love is a game that can be elusive.
No matter how hard some try to join in,
love always finds a way to slither away.

Love is a game that has an unusual way of conning you into it.
It may sneak up behind you,
or confront you face-to-face.

Love is a fast-paced game that changes quickly.
One moment you can be on top of the game,
the next, you can be dragging behind in the gutters.

Love is a game without any rules.
Anyone can be a victim to the game of love,
though not always does this feel true.

Love is a game that is surreal when winning.
Everything seems to be perfect,
life seems to be flawless.

Love is a game that always finds a way to turn the tables on you.
Just when everything seems too good to be true,
love has a way of turning it back around and rubbing it in your face.

Love is a game that never ends peacefully.
No matter what happens one side will still feel empty,
in the game of love someone always has to lose.

1 comment:

  1. Oh God!! so true ... life feels so empty ..n i feel like a loser