Tuesday, October 25, 2011

~ The Pendulum ~

My feelings and thoughts
Are like a pendulum
Sometimes I am sure of what I feel
Then when I least expect it something happens
Doubt enters my mind
Making my thoughts full of fear
For I have been there before
I don’t want to go again

The pendulum swings making me unsure
Ever so slightly thoughts enter my mind
Who are you and what do you want from life
Will our desires clash and make life miserable

One day I feel I know a good and loving man
Then you will get angry and scare me again
So the pendulum swings to and fro
Sometimes making my heart hurt so
For I know what pain is like
Deep within were no one can see
How easily threatened I can be
From the past to the future

The pendulum slowly swings
Mixing all the emotions of the times
You have shared with others before me
For I have not known but one
His pendulum swung wildly
Back and forth changing his moods
I suffered for his insecurities
The ability to compete in his world
So I paid the price with pain
Over and over again
And the pendulum swung

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