Thursday, February 2, 2012

~ Do Not Judge Me ~

Today I wander down one road, a road filled with natures’ splendor
Colors abound as my eyes traverse the valley below gazing at the
Meandering ripples skirting the rocks in the stream

Flowers show their glory as they dance on raindrops gleaming in the
Morning mist, just before the sun comes up to dry their sleepy eyes
Waving to their neighbors as they open up their arms to its warmth

As the day wears on and night slowly steals in to darken the skies
The moon glow gently slips over the valley and closes sleepy eyes
The rustle of the wind lulling all to sleep with her soft sighs

Day breaks with thunder roaring in its anger over the land
Darkened clouds overcast the valley flowers in quickened speed
Winds whipping all of nature into a frenzy of deceit

Morning mist turns into dense fog and slips its cloak over all
the valley below. While flowers weep softly in sorrow their
stems bent to ward off the anger of the threatening storm

So it is with life as we travel through each new day
Changing as we learn its lessons along the way
For there is no limit to life’s happiness and pain
Only the knowledge that is to be gained

Today I walk on rainbows up into the sky with a smile
For happiness fills my heart and soul
Opening the shutters of my mind to let in its new
and exciting day’s soft glow

Do not judge me by who I am today,
Life is a merry-go-round, full of adventure and joy
It is up to me to decide how and when I want to ride

Take me as I am as day turns into night
For tomorrows adventures will determine
How I will brace myself to face the new light

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