Thursday, May 17, 2012

~ A Matter Of Trust ~

As we live out our lives from day to day
We come to realize there’s only one way,
To meet life’s challenges, as we surely must,
It comes down to one thing, it’s a matter of trust,

We rely on our faith in all that we do,
Without it there’s no hope left for me or you,
Just think on how much , on others we really rely,
Without faith in them, we’d never get by.

Think of the driver of our local bus,
He takes us around without any fuss,
` The pilots of planes that fly through the sky,
Without trust in them we never would fly.

The postman each day who delivers the mail,
If there was no one to do that, we’d raise such a wail,
The doctor who treats us when we are ill,
We depend on his knowledge, to prescribe the right pills’

Just think for a moment as the days fly on by,
How much on others we we always rely,
We have faith in our cars each day that we drive,
That they’ll transport us quickly, and we safely arrive.

So take time to ponder , whatever we do,
Trust is the element that see’s us get through,;
But above all things else, as through life we plod,
The greatest of all, is to have trust in Allah.

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