Monday, October 22, 2012

The Soul and Love.

The Soul and Love..............

The soul and love became united,
Then into this realm they both came,
Together they’re always undivided,
Joined forever their source the same.

After the two were mingled and blended,
In a mixing that took place in such a way,
That all their boundaries were transcended,
Since then united they have always remained.

And so it was in this amazing manner,
That love and the soul were forever blended,
Joined by the One Who is the best Planner,
Both vanish in this mixture so splendid.

From the very strength of this blended state,
The soul with love has become united,
Which is the essence and which is the trait,
I don’t see how this could be decided.

Maybe it’s love that’s become the essence,
While it’s attribute may be the soul,
Not knowing which has become the quintessence,
I can’t say which one plays which role.

I can’t really say if it’s this way or that,
I just don’t know what it is in the end,
There’s no other way I can’t be exact,
This mixture is such a wonderful blend.

The result of this process was awesome indeed,
Both love and the soul forever connected,
The two of them speak and the words each one heeds,
Mingled and blended together protected.

The basis of love is said to be fire,
While the soul is derived from the wind,
The wind itself it ignites this blazing fire,
And the fire then consumes the wind again.

(april 2009)

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