Friday, July 10, 2009

" Heart Within................"

~ Heart Within ~

How the heart does long, for what is so far from it's grasp.
Without reserve leading farther down this path.

I want to show my heart what dangers mark our way.
I beg my heart to rest in the shadows…
please, please let me stay.

My mind argues valiantly, offering scars of days gone past.
My eyes weep with pains that will forever last.

Oh, to the heart that will not stop.
To the heart that knows not what it ask.
Oh, to the heart that grows each day.
To the heart that knows no other way.

Blindly it races, unaware of the fall it just took.
Believing fairytales are not only found in books.

From down on my knees I have picked it up,
pieces broken, shattered and torn.
A heart that is so tattered; fit not to be worn.

A sigh of surrender, I know that I have lost.
My heart has found reason to love and it knows no cost.

Oh, to the heart that, that has no regrets.
To the heart that knows no doubt.
Oh, to the heart that knows how to soar.
To the heart that drifts no more.

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