Friday, July 3, 2009

" Oh ALLAH, I'm waiting for the call............."

~ Oh ALLAH, I'm waiting for the call ~

MJ's death gave a great impact on me
not because I'm his great fan !
as a human
with mountains of sins
and death come calling
where I want to hide ?
where I want to go?
am I ready to face the Almighty?
Oh Yaa Rabb !
this is what I'm scared off

death come calling at any time
with warning that we never aware
whether we are ready or not
we got to go !
Yaa Rabb !............forgive me

it touched my soul
when everywhere
people talked bad things abt MJ
who are we ?
are we much better than him ?
free of sins ?
who are we to judge him ?

we are just human
just like him
do we know how he struggle to better himself ?
just like us !
struggling through life !

we too
keep doing the same mistakes
on and off

let us look within
rectify our own mistakes
seek forgiveness
be a good human
and let Allah do the rest

may Allah blessed his soul
let him rest in peace

from Allah we belong Him we return

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