Saturday, August 8, 2009

" The Footsteps of Life............"

~ The Footsteps of Life ~

Life has us in hand; and we must follow its lead,
like a leaf that is blown by the hands of the breeze.
We are anchored by time, each gesture and each deed;
yet, free to sail the dark waves of life's stormy seas.

What sweet and bitter loves we learn to buy and sell.
The sunshine and the snow, the blue sky and the rain.
What scars we leave when the dreams die and bid farewell,
when the happiness ends and is replaced with pain.

As one who walks with someone; yet, who walks alone,
we walk onward in the shadow of God's design.
We muse on the faces of places we have known,
and we rise as bitter as green grapes on the vine.

Life sort of gets away from us, through woe and bliss.
It has a quiet way of falling through our hand.
We struggle for something more, for something we miss;
and still, nothing turns out the way that we had planned.

We follow in its footsteps; each must take his turn.
Hoping to catch up, many will stumble and fall.
There is always a lesson, something more to learn,
and there are always more vines to clamber the wall.

The leaves are quickly scattered when the wild winds blow.
A new dawn rises on every shore and sea.
The waters run deep and deep is the waters' flow,
and the watery moon makes one final decree.

Life walks onward, is mindless of any tether.
We are one wave, one sweet surge of wild emotion
No matter the outcome, we all walk together.
We share the same tide and the same drop of ocean.


  1. Hi, just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed reading your posts and how wonderful your pictures are - really breathtaking ! Thankyou for sharing