Monday, October 19, 2009

" A Window To The Heart................."

~ A Window To The Heart ~

If we had a window, that was an opening to our heart.
When others stop to take a look where would our window start.

What would people see there, as they looked upon your soul.
When they gazed down on the window, what would their eyes behold.

Pretend it was a camera, that shot photos of your day.
It recorded everything you did at work or even play.
Would you care for other people to see what lies inside.
Or would you want it hidden what do you have to hide.

Would you be a loving person that cared for others so.
What would your window have to say
what would your window show.

If we knew we had a window and everyone could see.
There was no secret place to hide what lives inside of you see.

Would it make a difference in what you set out to do.
Would it change the way you live, if others could see in you.?

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