Wednesday, February 17, 2010

~ Emotion ~

Emotions .............

All it takes is a split second for our emotions to turn,
Once a spit ball of fire, now feeling the burn.
They can have a negative or a positive hold,
Emotions are two fold.

How to go from feeling so full of life
to feeling so empty,
How to go from smiling
to crying in distraught empathy,
How to go from having it all,
to feeling like all has been taken,
How to go from being always on his mind
to being forgotten.

So much we don’t understand,
We find ourselves asking for a helping hand.
We raise our arms to up above,
Seeking spiritual guidance and love.

It’s up to us to get our emotions in check,
Will we allow the blind disappointment to reap havoc?
Don’t cripple ourself emotionally
and disable our ability to go on,

See the divine stepping stone laid out before us
and move beyond.

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