Thursday, February 25, 2010

~ Life's Garden ~

Life's Garden............

( Lost feelings can be found when you stop and smell the roses. Finding your path in life can be as simple as planting the flowers. Sometimes depression, sadness, or the feeling of being alone can be easily fixed by just weeding the problems. The farther you are away from your garden of life, the harder it is to take care of. If you are having issues of any kind... stop, take a moment and evaluate your life’s garden..............)

Lost, then found by secrets bound
the skies are much the same.
My timings off, but then I scoff
at changes rough and tame.
I traveled far, beneath the stars
the opposite of home.

I think of friends and in the end
I ponder all alone.

The dreams I keep, when not in sleep
walk with me every step.
I use those visions, for decisions
until there’s nothing left.

The days go by, till I can fly
back home to friendly ground.
I seek my space, as I retrace
old paths to lost and found.
My garden needs, more water, seeds,
neglect has made me stale.
It’s time to pause, review life’s cause
and find my holy grail.

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