Friday, June 10, 2011

~ Man Of My Dreams ~

Man of my dreams .........

Fill my heart up,
make it whole
Look into my eyes and see my soul
Touch my body
with the tenderness you feel

Hold me in your arms
so I know this is real
His gentle voice speaks softly in my ear
Saying all the words that I long to hear

Desire me
like no other man could
Make passionate love to me
the way a man should
Let me feel your kindness,
strength and love

To know that
you were sent from heaven above
A promise to keep,
to share and remain

Bringing joy and happiness
never causing me pain

Fulfilling my world
deep in the night
I eagerly fall asleep
and await the delight

This man that I speak of
is not what it seems
He is a man that I meet
every night in my dreams.

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