Monday, July 25, 2011

~ If Life Were So Easy ~

If life were so easy
there would be nothing here to learn.
Fault may be easy to find
in a moment’s confusion
But true love endures
and is deeper than any allusion

Each one of us is good,
bad and ugly as we endure our fears
But she will not let fear run her

Fault to find ... yes
and blame to be placed .... yes
that would be too easy to do

To grow romance
to build the bridge
one day at a time ... is her desire
If moment-to-moment
is the only option so be it,
she will do what is required
Sure in her heart what she wants
and where she wishes to be
She opens her heart,
risks her soul,
so her true self he may see

Having done all she can
she sends healing love
and says good night

Trusting with all her being
that the situation will work out all right
She rests her head on her pillow
and sends her prayer
She knows this love is real
and any struggle it will transcend.

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