Thursday, July 7, 2011

~ Live Your Life ~

The past is gone, but Now is Forever.
The future does not lie in our hands,
But the future lies in the hands of the Presents.
Go out and grasp the seconds of the day
As if you had only that day to live
Experience and enjoy the moments of your life.
We only have one life to live,
So live it like a champion.

Everyone was put here for a purpose,
So let that purpose rise up above and show
Every what you're made of.

I'm not telling you how you should live,
But how you should feel when you look back
at the memories of a once-upon life of yours.

Don't regret things later.
If you feel it is right, do it.
It's your life and nobody else

Make decisions that please you.
Let nobody put you down.
Don't live in anybody's shadows or dreams.
If you do have a dream, act on it
And it will probably come true.

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