Tuesday, June 30, 2009

" If.................."


If I could turn back the hands of time
Make today better; make it fine
If I could turn back the pages of life
And rid it of all regrets and strife

If I had just taken that initial step
Maybe more to life were left
If I had just opened that one door
The meaning of life could've been more
If I did my best that trying day
'You came out on top' is what they'd say
But if I didn't conquer my fear
I had outweighed the wrong from right

If only I told you how dear you meant
This earnest message would be sent
If only I said it my dear friend
And not have waited til the end

If the sadness in me subsides
I'd be free from having to hide
If these fears I could conquer
I could've stepped out further yonder

If I could've done all those things
These would not be sad end
If only now I try my best
I wouldn't have to worry about the rest

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