Saturday, June 20, 2009

" A Question of Love..............."

~ A Question of Love ~

We often ask the question of ourselves
"What is this feeling that we call love?"
Is it true that we all have a soul mate
Predestined by God in Heaven above?

Does it show up when least expected
When across the room you see a smile?
Or does it grow at a snails pace,
Between friends, where it takes awhile?

Does it suddenly appear like a raging storm
Where thunder and lightening abound?
A storm over which you have no control.
Where peace and quiet can't be found?

Or is it more the gentle rain of spring,
And your whole world feels fresh and clean?
Can love flourish in those not so young,
Or just felt more strongly only as a teen?

There are times it's a roller coaster ride.
At least that is what I have been told.
With exciting peaks, frightening descents,
An encounter unnerving even to the bold.

Love can become an uncontrolled fire,
Burning deep within our very soul.
With passions wanting to be fulfilled,
Needing each other just to feel whole.

Love can also be gentle and soothing,
Full of kindness and heartfelt caring.
The touch of a hand brings peace with it.
And a life together fed daily by sharing.

Love should not hurt, but, best by far,
You are not only lovers, but, friends
Passion may simmer, romance absent,
The kind of love that lasts, never ends.

No turmoil, none of the ups and downs,
A life of contentment, peace above all.
Then, when something separates you,
Only happy memories will you recall.

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