Tuesday, June 2, 2009

" Scar Inside Your Soul................."

Scar Inside Your Soul.........

For your visions to become a reality,

your thoughts must realize the totality,

do not settle for normality,

or your insight will lack life’s array.

The key is to enhance your wisdom,

a challenge met only by some,

I will tell you how it must be done,

then I will be on my way.

The elements of life are all inclusive.

During your time here,

you must be intrusive.

Explore your inside and develop a summation.

Expel any thoughts of expectations.

Be humble to your realizations.

Separate your ideas from natural creations.

We all know the feeling of life’s wondrous pleasures,

in our lives,

we have risen in the wake of their treasures.

Not all in our trial here is meant to be glowing,

pain and sorrow are always unfolding.

It is not enough to identify their presence,

you must take them aside and absorb their existence.

Then not only will you know pain,

your insight will reflect it,

your nature will caress it,

your loving spirit will bless it.

Then all you have to do is understand it,

and accept it.

The last two commands may leave a scar inside your soul,

the price you will pay to reach your eternal goal.

Wisdom gained is the guiding hand,

that moves us toward

The eternal land.

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