Thursday, January 28, 2010

~ Alone In The Rain ~

Alone In The Rain..........

Standing out here alone in the rain
Trying to wash away all of my pain
Drowning the sorrows
Hiding from my nightmares and fears

The rain just gets harder and faster
I hide from it out here in the wet and cold
And I suffer from the things I've been told

The rain follows where tears once went
The rain like the pain shows no repent
I suffer for everything I am deep inside
And I remember the tears I once cried

I look around and see puddles of rain
Getting deeper and deeper like the pain
The puddles that used to be puddles of tears
The feelings and thoughts from all my fears

I can't explain to you the way I feel
And maybe by standing here I'll heal
I'll somehow wash away some of the pain
And I'll just stand here alone in the rain.

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