Monday, January 11, 2010

~ Love Is A Lie ~

Love is a lie......

Thought I was in love once -
Only for a moment.
Just when I thought the time had come,
The feeling went away.

Guess I was just lonely -
Wanted a man.
Guess I'll just be patient -
I'll try to, if I can.

Love is a lie....

I listen to the poets,
Their stories don't come true.
I used to hope they would,
But I'll have to change my view.

The poets show us paradise
But life's a bitter pain -
Get caught up in their fairy tales
Then reality hits again.

Love is a lie......

I've been looking for a gold mine -
Have I passed the silver by?
I've been watching for a sign -
For stars to fall from the sky.

I've been looking for true love -
Have my standards been too high?
I'm standing out here in the desert -
Love has passed me by.

Love is a lie.....

And as I stand here lonely
I'll try not to cry.

Love is a lie.......

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