Friday, January 29, 2010

~ I Walk Alone ~

I walk alone..............

I walk alone
no one is there
the steps guide me
i don't know where

Alone in silence my heart sinks
Alone at the wayside I wonder
With heart stirred that refuses to be reined
Will the world listen?
Does the world care?

Yet in solemn I struggle and strive
For a bright tomorrow and beautiful dawn
I sing my heart and trot with joy
Cause this dreadful night shall come to pass
The dark curtain, surely will rise

Break the soil at the dry riverbed
Till in earnest from dawn to dusk
For time to plant tears are long gone
Undo the ill of our broken bond
Break the chain and never look back

Give back yourself - Your old self again
Embrace the gift - The gift of life
The smile - The laughter,
Sing with joy - Sing with pride

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