Monday, April 20, 2009


Here are my highest requests for you the God of creation
Even if I was a criminal, you are the generous

And when my heart became hard and my ways were narrowed
I only asked for your forgiveness

You always pardoning our guilt
You forgive and pardon through your highness and kindness

Weren't you the one who guided and feeded me
And you still giving me gifts and treat me with kindness

Perhaps from his charity forgive myself
And hide my past bad deeds

So if you forgive, then you are forgiving a rebel
And a wicked and bad person

So if you revenge from me then I am not sad
Even if they put my soul in hellfire

Articulate when mentioning his God
And like a stranger in anything else.

Says: My Beloved, you are my cause and who I ask
It's enough for me to only ask and enjoy you

I protect my love to be changed from my personal emotions
And I keep the convient of Love from being covered or changed

When I am awake, I miss you and when I am asleep I have wishes
These feelings keep following me with happiness and satisfaction

So my past and recent sins are great
And your forgiveness for your slaves are much greater than that.

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