Friday, April 24, 2009

" Is Ego Something We Need .....................

Is Ego something we need................

Ego is something that we dont need,
It causes strife and trouble indeed!
Ego is only a shell,
Yet it will send us to hell
For spirit lives on,
And spirit is one!

Ego is from when we are hurt,
Or when we try to flirt!
It's not real,
Can't you feel?
Do you understand the deal?

What is the difference people ask?
Well ego is like a plastic cask,
The inner core is your spirit and soul,
Fixing the outside won't make you whole!
For no one cares for the outer barrel,

All it does it make you quarrel!

So focus on the morels,
To Change the wine inside!
Instead of focus on the outside,
And make your spirit hide!

For ego does blind,
It can make you not kind,
You may think you're more,
Which people don't adore;
In fact they think you a bore!
Unless you focus on the core,

Then you can open the door,
For what is in store!

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