Friday, April 17, 2009

" In The Garden With You..................."

In The Garden With You..............

As the flowers bloom and blossom
So too do I wish for you and me;
To bloom and to blossom,
Bringing color and life and vibrancy
Into each others lives.

And what of growth?
As the flowers start as seedlings,
So too are we seedlings
Seeking care and time and nurturing and encouragement,
Seeking also a gentle and tender hand,
To aid us in the process and the progress of our growth.
And with such care and support,
And kindness and attention,
And Love.

Oh yes,
With Love,
Will we radiate with the inner light of our beings.
And with the pleasure of that union and relationship,
Between gardener, seedling and flower,
Between care giver and receiver,
Between lover and lover;
Between you and me,
Our gardens can grow.
Our hearts will soar.
And we can dance to celebrate our harvest.

Be in my garden and help me grow;
Stay in my garden and I will help you grow.
And in our garden
We can watch love grow,
As will our seedlings.

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