Friday, April 24, 2009

" Find Your Thankful Self................"

Find Your Thankful Self.............

Sometimes you feel you're nothing at all,
And that's all you'll ever be.
You study all your defects;
An empty life is all you see.

Instead of looking at what you haven't got,
Seeing only what you lack,
Focus on your blessings,
And get right back on track.
There are many good things about being you;
Count them one by one.
Your life has lots of comforts,
While others, they have none.

Many people have it much,
much worse
Yet they have happiness.
They take joy in little things
They're thankful,
though they have less.

Lift your spirits up right now;
Get out of that depression.
Find your thankful self,
And give it full expression.
Find the joy in little things;
Focus on fun and laughter.
See life's blessings all around,
And live happily ever after!

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