Friday, April 10, 2009

" Only One......................"

Only One............

I came into this world
Only one

Walking through this world
I have stood alone
Only one

Where I go
What I've been
Who I am
Only one

There has been only one
Time in my life,
Where I've felt the presence of another,
Love was walking with me.

It held my hand and it talked to me,
We slept side by side and we cried and laughed,
It consumed me,
We became one.

Over a distance our love was spread,
Doubt and fear and temptation
Became companions to me.

Love was pulling slowly away,
I tried pulling love back, to bring love home,
Finding myself alone
Only one.

Strong enough to love from a distance,
But not so,
To keep both halves alive.

Has love betrayed me?
Though its response is no.
Doubt says
Fear says
Temptation says,
Love ain't no good!
Love does not love you!
Love has betrayed and laid up with another,
You are to move on.

Still I find myself a part of something,
Much greater than love or I.

I have surrendered my heart and soul to love,
And am still waiting for it to turn me loose.

Is love running game?
Doubt says and fear says and Temptation says,
That love
Ain't nothing but a game.

I came into this world
Only one
And love has been my companion
Part of the way.

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